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Improved procedures for Schengen Visas in Turkey


The European Commission decided on 13 October 2011 to improve and harmonise the lists of documents requested from citizens applying for a Schengen visa in Turkey.

There are six main categories of travellers from Turkey to the Schengen Area:

  • business visitors,
  • students or persons participating in EU education, training or research programmes.
  • persons participating in cultural or sports events or conferences,
  • persons visiting family or friends,
  • tourists,
  • truck drivers to and/or through the Schengen area.

All visa applicants in Schengen Member States Consulates in Turkey will be asked to provide the same supporting documents for each of the above categories. The use of the same lists by all Consulates will address one of the concerns often voiced by visa applicants in Turkey, i.e. the impression that visa applicants would be treated differently by the various Schengen countries. Therefore, a uniform procedure is applied to visa applicants.

As foreseen in the Visa Code, the European Commission adopted on 13 October 2011 a Decision establishing the lists of supporting documents to be presented by visa applicants in Turkey. The harmonised lists have been established after discussions between the Schengen Member States present in Turkey. The decision to grant visas remains with each individual Schengen Member State.

The new lists of supporting documents are available in Turkish and English language on the website of the EU Delegation.

Also, as of 25 September 2014, all Schengen States' consulates in Turkey use the Visa Information System (VIS).



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